Base Camp NW has lots of fun activities engineered specifically for youth and teens. We have a full range of activities, from field games and archery, to crafts and life skills.

Field Games

Base Camp NW includes a lot of opportunity to run and play great team games from classics like soccer and capture the flag, to new games that you’ll learn and love. You can get ideas for your own games (and a peek at some of the games that may be played at camp) by visiting Christian Camp Pro.


We will have on-site archery and a chance for everyone to try their hand at shooting real bows.

New Skills

Learn new skills in our break-out sections. You can learn about photography, pottery, or arts and crafts or so much more.


In the awesome space that God has provided, it would be a shame to waste it, and we won’t. We’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors on nature hike and just in some quiet down-time.


Since it was such a big hit, we’re bringing back the rock concert to close out one of the fun-packed days. Don’t miss out on this high-intensity worship concert performed by very talented musicians, with back-up vocals by all the talented campers and staff.concert-prep

Offsite Trips

It’s not called Base Camp for nothing. We are excited to be able to explore the great area that our camp is in. This year we will be embarking on some great adventures.

  • Trip to Fernridge Reservoir
  • Trip to Sweet Creek Falls
  • Trip to Florence (hike the Hobbit Trail, see Heceta Head Lighthouse)


Camp Favorites

And of course we’re bringing back the camp favorites, like S’mores, Camo and Game Nights, and the ever slick gigantic slip n slide.